Saturday, January 14, 2017

Thousand Island Park, NY 2016

You love the wind.  It fills you up.
It whips the leaves on the trees, and
your shirt, your hair, your eyes, your heart.
It takes all your breath away.

You love the sun embracing you.
It brightens the world, steals the night,
swims around your body lighter
than human touch.  It warms your heart.

Sunlight and wind conspire to chip
the river waves into diamonds --
diamonds that whip their way into
your eyes as unshed sparkling tears.

The sunlight, the strong wind and waves
fuse to gently rock this cradle
suspending your course of action
and desire for destination.

Solitaire 2

“What do you want me to do?”
I heard these words from my mother
when, as a teenager,  I had driven her to distraction
which was, of course, my goal.

I always had an aha moment afterwards
as if I had broken her.

And I heard them again two years ago
as she lay dying and then I knew
she was broken again and I also knew
she had not been talking to me.

I’ve become aware of something else:
I am more like my mother than I thought.
I was my daddy’s little girl:
busy one hundred percent--

learning to shoot a bow and arrow,
learning to swim or fish,
learning to use a hammer and nail
and following him everywhere.

“What do you want me to do?”

My mother used to play solitaire
a lot of solitaire, peeling and stacking cards
by threes, in piles of thirteen.
I thought nothing of it.

She loved playing cards, especially bridge.
A hobby, a way to pass time.

And now, I pay solitaire
on my cell phone
between times like my mother.
Aha, the distraction, the escape.

And now I find myself saying,
“What do you want me to do?”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Auspicious beginning: 06/20/2016

(A Pantoum for Arlo Alexander Patterson)

Hello Arlo, hello world you see;
hello earth wind and fire, hello air;
the summer solstice beckoned your way--  
the strawberry moon blessed your day         

Hello earth wind and fire, hello air,
Aquarian, changeling, adventurer be;
the strawberry moon blessed your path,
father of earth, son of the sea.

Aquarian, changeling, adventurer be
the thunderbolt and wounded healer he,
father of earth, son of the sea,
rest now, then wake, discover this hour

Be wounded healer and thunderbolt power 
the strawberry moon blessed your birthday--
rest now, then wake, discovery this hour.
Hello Arlo, hello world you see.

(so far, everything except Gemini)

Duality of existence

I know a lot of things now
and now that I know this
I know nothing.

Once I had a lot of things
and now I have less
I need nothing.

Sometimes I am here.
Sometimes I am not.
Well, I am here,
but not engaged in being here.

To move between the two
requires motivation.
To be motivated
requires belief in significance.


I love to take my canoe to the leviathan
to glide over its dangerous hulking mass
just inches below the cedar canoe keel

It is an anticipatory thrill as great thunder
my stomach dropping, no breath, tingling neck
approach and avoidance in one

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Making a home

when I come back in another life
I want to buy houses
and renovate kitchens
and plant gardens
and then move on

and buy another house
and renovate another kitchen
and plant another garden
and put fresh flowers
into the house
and make it a home

when I come back in another life
I want to buy houses
and renovate kitchens
and plant gardens
and work in the sunshine
and build fires in the winter
and then

I want to do it all again
and again and again
until I am home
in my heart

Monday, January 18, 2016

The airport

Musing upon arrival
reviewing my trip
the weather, the kids, the food –
all restoring my desire to
continue the farce
and then,

a little ahead I see a couple
side by side
and in a instant
they glance at one another
smile, lightly embrace
a side by side hug
and it was all over.

Everything about the week
was all over
in an instant.