Sunday, May 31, 2020

Time slowed and now again flies

We have begun another day,
another week, another month.

As January rolled in blind
and February’s leap strayed

backwards into one long wretch’d March, 
we adjusted ourselves to May.

At once finding a keel and wind,
to sally forth into unknowns --

we reveled or rebelled or hid
having learned lessons of some sort.

Now sweet June is upon us
in all her tipsy gay glory.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”
A second wave will come ashore or carry us away. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Corona Corona

It is surprising how stressful nothing is.
For one thing, being told to do nothing
and go nowhere, gives me permission 
to do even less.

I no longer need to push myself
to be active and productive.

Why is this not a staycation?
Because, I can’t run to Lowe’s
or the art store 
for project supplies;

because, will I need this money
for food in 6 months?

The onslaught of useful information
Is very, very scary; the onslaught 
of non-useful information
is exhausting -- I need to unscrew my head

and dump the crazies out then somehow – 
screw it back on … to start again.

Apparently, the denial of the outdoors
becomes directly proportional 
to the desperate need
to be outdoors.

Corona, please let us run out of doors!
Run free, hug everyone. 

Ah, Corona, corona, 
somehow by separating us
you have brought us together --
however, I will need my better angel-self

to dig deeper for courage 
in this time of powerlessness.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Dec 12/31/19 --> 01/01/20

Hello world … you merry-go-round

Hello world … you merry-go-round
(What have you got for me?)

The old year is bulldozed away-- 
good riddance --
and the new one rings in 
like a vaudeville curtain call.

I couldn’t keep up anyway.
I like the old ways too. Like you --
like consideration and caring 
and cozy blankets. 

You know, like when there is a class act
in the poor and dignified as well as 
in the privileged who sacrifice
anonymously and with grace. 

Let the winter skies stay awhile
hovering overhead and directing 
our gazes closer to where
we see each other, really see 

ourselves in each other.

December 31, 2019