Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thomas O. Morin
Thy name is integrity.

Thank you for welcoming Jack and me into the Asbury church family
many, many moons ago.
Thy name is gracious.

Thank you for sharing your grief while reading many, many condolence cards
when Mary died.
Thy name is brave.

Thank you for encompassing me in your joyous love of the outdoors
when we kayaked the bay, the Salmon River, Fish Creek, the Moose River, the White River and on a very special trip, the Nantahala.
Thy name is happiness.

And thank you for the grace I witnessed as you neared the end
of our lonely struggles here on earth.
Thy name is inspiration.

“Secure yourself to heaven, Tom,
Hold on tight, the night has come.
Fasten up your earthly burdens,
You have just begun.”

Goodbye sweet prince of a man
Thy name is etched upon my heart.

"Secure Yourself" Indigo Girls
Amy Elizabeth Ray and Emily Ann Saliers

Sunday, February 12, 2012

As I lie in bed (My faithful dog)

As I lie in bed
on a Saturday morning,
warm, cozy and content--
gazing at 6” of new snow,
my faithful dog comes by
tail waggin’ around
and says:
“Hey, you’re up!
Let’s go out!
Right now would be good!”

As I settle myself
at my desk ready to work,
the household chores done--
and all my errands run,
my faithful dog arrives
grubby toy in her mouth
and says:
“Hey, you’re up!
Let’s play tug-o-war!
Right now would be good!”

As I rest on the sofa
a little tired and sad
my nook in hand--
the remote close by.
my faithful dog sidles over
and says:
“Hey, there you are!
“I’m hungry, feed me now!
Right now would be good!”

Her eyes say it all:
“Whatever I want
would make you happy, right?
Right now would be good.”

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our every  movement  planned
(grocery shopping)

Before me a sea
of fruits and veggies…
and tended grocery carts

Between mustard greens
and the fresh string beans
I see an old friend of mine

We are most likely
to cross paths and meet
if I thread my way towards her.

Just the two of us
amid the shopping chaos--
making a chance encounter--

I hurry a bit
so as not to miss
smiling all the way.

An instant before impact
we spy and react
Bump, shock, “Hi!”

Not as expected:
delight un-reflected--
Just a “hi-how-are-you?”

I sigh, “fine-and-you?”
So embarrassed.
I roll on towards potatoes.

our every movement planned