Monday, December 2, 2013

Bennett to Bristol

1.8 and a million miles away
cycling under water oaks
barely two lanes wide
cross Ashley, cross Gadsen
cross off, cross out
cross Lockwood carefully
wheel where you can see the marsh
and the water
and the boats.

Enter the sidewalk channel
flanked by concrete
sheltered and shadowed by the
James Island Expressway
bridging from mud and marsh to sun
break forth over 17
and breeze into your new home
free of recrimination
free of scorn
free to breathe.


I sliced the red skin crosswise cutting
my palm and leaking juice through my
fingers and the sensation was
new and I was alive for the first time.  I saw
the seeded star buried inside
its five points pulsing
the five great mysteries of life and
I was aware for the first time.  I smelled
the sweetness of my blood mingled
with the pale juice
and licked my palm and was ecstatic for
the first time.  The dull days of Eden are replaced
and I can hear music in my head.  No longer
outward, but now inward dwelling.  I can
understand how the leaves cling to the tree
for the first fall.  I can imagine the fruit to come
after the blossom in the spring.  I can lean 
against the bark and climb and know it can hold me 
and I can remember how it was before pain and I
will dream of other gardens and other trees and 
other apples for almost forever.