Monday, March 10, 2014

I love it here at Gloria's

The birds are always coming out of the sofa
and the banana ears out of the yard—
the sun out of the sky
and the cold out of the shadows.

It is a stair-master, treadmill of a city—
up and down, thither and yon
The efficiency of the lungs is challenged
and the feet pounded into stumps.

The Boy King is engrossed in work and ideas—
busy cells of creativity and code.
He delivers interesting discoveries and salmon
in equal measure.

The Bride is half CEO of the home
keeping the cable car on the rails
and half her own flagship of resourcefulness
and strength.

The dog loves me: I walk to Billy Goat Hill
and throw the ball in the yard.
Sometimes we share the backseat
on the way to the beach.

Tip-toeing around pre-established routines,
I see new tendrils of connection
ever wary of my role and
deciphering the necessary level of my opacity.

I love it here at Gloria's.

Cooking Guide for Widows

Year one
chocolate chip cookies
and milk.

Year two
have a salad
every now and then
followed by chocolate chip cookies
and milk.

Year three
eat out with a book
take half home for dinner tomorrow night.
At bedtime have chocolate chip cookies
and milk.

Year four
attempt a grocery list
buy salmon and fresh vegetables
like broccoli and spinach
and some chicken.
Prepare salmon and salad.
steam vegetables
freeze the chicken.
Try not to eat chocolate chip cookies
and milk.

Year five
throw away the frozen chicken
eat out once a week
eat leftovers once a week
eat salmon once a week
drink margarita once  week
(or wine if you prefer)
(or every night if you prefer)
eat peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch
every day
Don’t forget the chocolate chip cookies
and milk.

Year six
if you haven’t killed your self by now
decide it is worth eating to live
Begin again.  You know how to do this.
You just don’t want to.