Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Sonnet:  Dearest Harvest Moon

Dearest Harvest Moon, full of the summer sun,
Are you saving my summer memories?
Bright days of festivals, free time, and fun;
Twelve winsome weeks creating sweet stories--
Are you savoring the special moments--
Trapped inside your golden globe in the night?
Did you see me and how my time was spent?
Oh moon, make room for all the delights.
Sharing adventures, planning escapades;
Traveling far away, returning home;
Uplifted by the summer’s serenade:
Its soft crusade of heat and light and love
So big, so bright, so comforting in flight
Dear Harvest Moon, protect my dreams tonight.

Monday, September 5, 2011

His coffee cup in the cup holder

His coffee cup in the cup holder
donut in the bag beside
NPR on the radio, green light go--

clutch in, shift, clutch out
gas in, clutch in, shift
breeze from light to light.

Bang!  Left rear swings out,
front to curb and up
360 degrees and freeze--

the week has started and
the business of re-entry
has been beached--

flying, yet wingless
with thoughts behind
and the world unfurled--

move ahead, attend
to today, avoid accidents
re-attack work--

collisions with friends and
pack the email, lunch with shoes
send the briefcase--

party with calendar and
laugh, smile, laugh, but don’t cry.
He's delighted he didn't die.

Breathe in and out, hair cut,
visit mom, say goodbye
cross the street

and he's hit by a car on Friday.
Let’s do something easy.

Let’s do something easy, God.
If you are tired of Middle Eastern zealots,
Place your hand on the back of the dog.
Here, where my hand is—
pressing her head and shoulders
down into the floor
while she shakes and quivers
during the storm.

Heal her.
Give me peace.
Let us sleep.

If you are tired of wreaking havoc
Place your hand here on my back,
press hard into my shoulders
down into my body,
while I shake and quiver
during real life.

Let’s do something easy.
Easier than this.