Friday, December 25, 2009

Once More

Once more with feeling
once again step out.
into the sunshine,
into the rain,
into the snow,
out into the mists.
Open each day like a present,
let it rest upon your hand for a moment
watch it transform
from morning to day to night
from box with heft to weightless paper leaves
as light as down;
feel them flutter and multiply
into a breeze, lifting your hair
filling the air.
Open each present like a new day
a chance
a whispered wish granted
an answered prayer—
a thing transported to you
from another with love
with hope for usefulness
and for your happiness.
Open your heart
light the candles
feed the fire
remain upright
with open hands and arms outstretched
breathe and begin again
to pretend really hard
until you believe.

Make merry.