Saturday, March 30, 2019

AGATHA CHRISTIE & the eleven missing days

“In my  experience, obsession is like getting caught in no man’s land.
You’d get out if you could, but you don’t know where the bullets are coming from.

You’re better off sitting in a shell hole covering your ears.
You never know, you might get lucky.”

Trapped by our outer obsessions is overall satisfying: the goal is met.
It’s the inner obsessions that cause all the trouble.

I just observed my doppelganger in a past life in this coffee shop.
Right away the denim overalls, teal t-shirt 
& moss canvas Maryjanes caught my eye.   Me.
However, her son – therefore not a true time traveling vision – 
at the table next to her on an iPad 
and she at her computer with her huge iPhone.
In fact the whole thing was looking a little too Pittsford chic.

So, I went back to daydreaming about why yoga studios 
never have anyone around when you need them 
and always look shabby outside.  
(Unless they are actually an upscale spa 
and in that case yoga is an afterthought.)

But then, oh then, she and son left and, in the parking lot I saw…

I saw them get into a jeep. A two door soft top jeep. 
Oh no. Way too close to home.
Except she unzipped the front window– what is that about?
A 1995 jeep?  That is so not me.

But then, oh then she went over the curb when she backed out.
I thought, get me out of here now. I need that 11 days.

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